Management:Optimizing resources to achieve goals
Teacher: LeeJoe
Registration deadline:2023/05/26
6Hours/17Weeks (Current Running)


This course will focus on the theory and fundamental concepts of management, including planning, organizing, leading and controlling, as well as concepts related to 'managing people'. Current management approaches and emerging trends will also be discussed

Course Objective

  • Students will study the fundamentals of management and its latest developments.
  • Students will find this knowledge applicable when they need to manage or be managed by others.


  • 教師姓名:Joe Lee
  • 教師簡介:
Joe Lee is an Associate Professor at the Department of International Business Administration at I-Shou University. His research interests include management, business ethics, and organizational behavior.

Course Schedule



第3週:Organizing (Part 1)

第4週:Organizing (Part 2)

第5週:Leading (Part 1)

第6週:Leading (Part 2)


Course Contents

■Topics include:
 ◆Introduction to management
  .Mission and Vision
  .Strategic Planning
  .Goals and Objectives
  .Organizational Structure
  .Leadership Styles
 .Costs and Benefits of Control
 .Types of Control

Course Mode

This course has 5 main topics, and each main topic contains several sub-topics. A video of 10-30 minutes will be created for each sub-topic. A class quiz will be administered every week to make sure that learners have understood the lecture. Please refer to the scoring criteria for more details.

Grading Policy

  • Grading : "Pass" score: 60;"Full" score: 100
  • Five exams: 40%
  • Participation (video watching): 40%
  • Questionnaire : 20%

Passing Criteria

Course Passing Grade:60 Full Score 100 point


No basic knowledge is required for this course. Everyone can take this course as long as they are interested in management.

Course Suggest

Principle of Management (Open Textbook:
Fundamentals of Management 10e, Griffin