Cabin Service Management客艙服務管理
Teacher: 陳淑娟
7Hours/9Weeks (Course is Time End)


The two key elements of cabin service, including emergency situation handling and general service, will be introduced in details. With the applications of PPT files and sufficient teaching aids, students will learn the fundamental of cabin duty assignments, cabin service flow, cabin service technique, diverse emergency situation causes and handling process, and cabin preparation for the emergency landing and ditching. Abundant contents will enrich students’ learning experience.


Course Objective

Combining management theories with practical service skills, this class aims at helping students understand how cabin service proceeds and diverse situations have been handled. Through the contents lecture, guest speaker’s working experience sharing, and case study in-class activity design, students are able to learn cabin service related professional knowledge and skills, also appreciate the importance of the teamwork.


Chen, Shu-Chuan (Genie)


Doctor of Philosophy, National Cheng Kung University - Taiwan

Master of Arts in Educational Technology, University of San Francisco, CA, U.S.                

Cabin Attendant’s Ground Training and On-the Job Training, All Nippon Airways, Japan  

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Literature, National Sun Yat-Sen University,  Taiwan 


Prof. and department chair, Department of International Tourism Managemnet, Tamkang University

Flight Attendant Trainer, EVA Airways

Cabin Chief, EVA Airways

Course Schedule

Unit 1:Introduction

Unit 2:Cabin configuration

Unit 3:Service and case study

Unit 4:Case study

Unit 5:Midterm

Unit 6:Emergency situations introduction

Unit 7:Emergency situations handling

Unit 8:Cabin preparation

Unit 9:Final

Course Contents

There are seven topics representing 6 sections in this course. Each topic contains four units. It takes about 14 -16minutes to cover the lectured contents for one unit. In the lecture, ppt files are applied to help students’ learning experience and facilitate the course quality. There will be a quiz conducted to evaluate how well students comprehend the course contents at the end of each section.

Grading Policy

平時測驗:佔總成績30  %

平時作業:佔總成績 0 %

期中考:佔總成績 30 %

期末考:佔總成績 40 %

Passing Criteria

Course Passing Grade:60 Full Score 100 point


Basically, there is no pre-requisite knowledge requested to obtain before taking this course. However, it is a plus that students have taken any aviation related courses previously, or are very interested in learning the related subjects. In addition, Toeic test minimum 500 is recommended.

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