Teacher: 楊曉瑩
Registration deadline:2021/06/20
12Hours/15Weeks (Current Running)


This course introduces
the fundamental knowledge and concept of investments. We focus on industry
analysis to identify industry characteristics, business cycles, and investment
timing. We focus on financial analysis to identify company financial
performance and evaluation. We focus on mutual funds to identify additional
investment product and trading costs. We focus on behavioral finance to identify
the influences of investment behavior and decision making. Upon completion of
this course, students will gain practical knowledge concerning the investment
market and investment products.

Course Objective

Students learn about industry analysis for stock selection and portfolio construction.

Student learn about financial analysis for company performance measures.

Student learn about mutual funds and investment companies for indirect stock

market investment.

Students learn about behavioral finance to comprehend investor behavior.


楊曉瑩 Ann Shawing Yang 

Educational qualification:

Ph.D. Economic Sciences (Finance Module), Institute d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (SCIENCE PO), France

MBA, Institute d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (SCIENCE PO), France

Bachelor Finance, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Work experiences:

Associate Professor

Institute of International Management, National Cheng Kung University

Assistant Professor

Institute of International Management, National Cheng Kung University

Job title:

Associate Professor


Financial Theory

Financial Reporting

Financial Markets and


Personal Finance

Course Schedule

第1週:Industry Analysis - Introduction, Part 1, and Part 2, News

第2週:Industry Analsysis - Part 3, Part 4, News

第3週:Industry Analysis - Part 5, Part 6

第4週:Financial Statement Analysis - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

第5週:Financial Statement Analysis - Part 4

第6週:Financial Statement Analysis - Part 5, Part 6

第7週:Mutual Funds - Introduction, Part 1, Part 2

第8週:Mutual Funds - Part 2

第9週:Mutual Funds - Part 3, Part 4

第10週:Mutual Funds - Part 5, Part 6, Part 8

第11週:Mutual Funds - News

第12週:Behavioral Finance - Part 1

第13週:Behavioral Finance - News

第14週:Behavioral Finance - Part 2

第15週:Behavioral Finance - News

Course Contents

This course focuses on industry
analysis, financial statement analysis, behavioral finance, and mutual funds.

Course Mode

This course is segmented into four major chapters. Each chapter is composed of various sections with videos ranging from 10 min. to 30 min. Students are required to participated in online exam, online survey, and online feedback, etc.

Grading Policy

Grading policy : _70_% (passing grade)  100_% (total grade)

Assignment (homework)35%

Passing Criteria

Course Passing Grade:60 Full Score 100 point


Pre-requisites:Statistics, Accounting, Economics

Course Suggest


  • Investments, Bodie, Kane, Marcus, and Jain, Asia Global Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2014.

Course Q&A

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Students are responsible for timely log-in for online course attendance, assignment upload, and quiz participation by scheduled deadlines. Late attendance, assignment upload, and quiz participation count as zero for grading. This online course does not accept class absences; no shows for online course count as zero for grading.