Preparing A Career in the Meeting Industry-會展人員職涯探索(2023)
Teacher: 陳維立W. Jasmine Chen
Registration deadline:2023/04/24
6Hours/6Weeks (Course is No Open)


The meeting and event industry has been considered the driving engine for trade, scientific advancement and social innovation. It is also a career suitable to those who have a strong interest in planning, organizing and communicating through varisous forms to the target audience and can work under high pressure. This course is three-fold which include: (1) how to prepare a career in the meeting industry (2) what are the core knowledge and skills for the organizers (3) how to build professional experiences from key players. The course is learner-centerd with frequently asked questions. Step-by-step demonstraitons can also help the learners in comprehening and applying knowledge unto skills.



Dr. W. Jasmine Chen

Course Contents

Unit 1

Session 1-1: How to prepare for the meeting industry?

Session 1-2: What kind of personalities will be suitable for the meeting professional?

Session 1-3: What is the meeting industry?

Session 1-4: Certification in Taiwan

Unit 2

Session 1-5: International certification

Session 1-6: Opportunities in MICE

Session 1-7: Trade chows are industry-specific events

Session 1-8: What is a typical day like for event organizer?

Session 1-9: Other Training Opportunities

Unit 3

Session 2-1: How does the event industry fit into tourism?

Session 2-2: MICE history and development (part 1)

Session 2-2: MICE history and development (part 2)

Session 2-3: Who hold meetings?

Unit 4

Session 2-4: Professional terms in conferences

Session 2-5: Definitions and criteria

Session 2-6: What is a trade show—starting from the show profile

Session 2-7: Understanding an industry

Unit 5

Session 2-8: Site selection & design (part 1)

Session 2-8: Site selection & design (part 2)

Session 2-9: Financial management

Session 2-10: Site management

Unit 6

Session 3-1: Understanding the trend

Session 3-2: Important shows in Taiwan

Session 3-3: Planning an expo online (Part 1)

Session 3-4: Planning an expo online (Part 2)

Grading Policy

平時測驗Test100 %

Passing Criteria

Course Passing Grade:60 Full Score 100 point


This is an English-taught course involving a heavy load of professional terms. Learners are suggested to have sufficient English competencies.