To improve the competence of the professors and the pharmacists in pharmaceutical field, TMU designs this series of courses for our learners. Taking advantage of online courses, discussion, evaluation strengthen learning efficiency.

▶How to operate ewant

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▶Course Ability

Prerequisite subjects and abilities: The background of pharmaceutical services.

▶Course Teacher Intro

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Chung-Hsuen Wu
Associate Professor

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Yuh-Lih Chang
Division Chief
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Shao-Chin Chiang
Deputy Director
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Chia-Lin Chou
Chief pharmacist
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Ju-Chieh Wung
Clinical pharmacist
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Fan-Hsiu Chao
Clinical pharmacist
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Mei-Yu Chen
Clinical pharmacist

​Course Content

課程名稱 / Course Title

主要授課教師 / Main Instructor

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Basic Good Pharmacy Practice

  • Understand the regulations and the current situation of GPP.
  • Realize the standards and preparation of sterile products and chemotherapy drugs.

Chung-Hsuen Wu / 吳宗軒

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Moderate Good Pharmacy Practice

  • The drug delivery system in hospital.
  • The pros and cons of drug delivery system.
  • The clinical pharmacy services.
  • The character of the pharmacists in clinical pharmacy services.

Chia Lin Chou / 鄒嘉玲

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Advanced Good Pharmacy Practice

  • Understand the regulations of medical management and usage.
  • Recognize the character in pharmaceutical therapy.
  • Understand the assistance in pharmacy service.
  • Understand the rules of continuing education.
  • Understand the process and experience of continuing education

Yuh-Lih Chang / 張豫立

Shao-Chin Chiang / 姜紹青

▶Course Grade

In order to get the certificate, please hand in your assignment after you finish the course. Otherwise you will be unable to recieve certificate.

▶Course Else Descrition

GPP guidelines, FIP publication.

Developing Pharmacy Practice, FIP publication.

Guidelines for dispensing of medicines, Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Good Dispensary Practice, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration


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▶How to apply for Certification

Course Certificate - You can download your course certificate from "
Profile / Course Records".
Series Courses Certificate - You can apply for your Certificate for this series courses when you complete all the requirements of the courses in this series via our Certificate Application System (https://tinyurl.com/yccpycps).
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