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The new course for Pulmonary medicine and rehabilitation is divided into three main topics: pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep and respiration, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation medical practice. In order to chest medicine treatment practice as the mainstay, in essence, to provide the correct medical knowledge of Vietnamese medical staff and the public, and establish the South medical network.

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​Course Content


Pulmonary rehabilitation series of courses:

(1)  Pulmonary rehabilitation development and theoretical basis

(2)  Pulmonary rehabilitation theory and clinical practice

(3)  Applied knowledge of lung rehabilitation skills taught the case in the implementation of daily life


Sleep and Breathing Courses:

Relationship between sleep medicine and respiratory system and clinical presentation


Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation medical practice series of courses:

Rehabilitation, exercise prescription, assessment, function promotion


Course Grade

This courses include three parts; each part passing score is 60 (full score: 100).

Quiz: 50% + Midterm: 25%+ Final: 25%


Course Ability

  • Medical related background
  • Clinical practice staff or long-term caregivers
  • Related medical needs


Course Else Descrition

  1. The Promise of Sleep: A pioneer in sleep medicine explores the vital connection between health, happiness, and a good night's sleep
  2. Braddom's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 5th Edition
  3. By David X. Cifu, MD. Elsevier Title. ISBN: 978-0-323-28046-4

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