Basic Good Pharmacy Practice
教师: Chung-Hsuen Wu,Yuh-Lih Chang ,Shao-Chin Chiang
     Good Pharmacy Practice      

2018/01/29 ~ 2018/03/12
6小时/6周 (报名结束)


This courses mainly provide the pharmacists with pharmaceutical knowledge, and cultivate professional ability. The courses are inclusive of preparation of medical products, clinical pharmacy services, and the improvement of related knowledge, and so on. In the Basic Good Pharmacy Practice Course, the lecturers comprehensively show the related knowledge of GPP. Besides, professors will discuss the preparation of sterile products and chemotherapy drugs.



(1)  Understand the regulations and the current situation of GPP.

(2)  Realize the standards and preparation of sterile products and chemotherapy drugs.


  • Chung-Hsuen Wu
  • School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University / Associate Professor
  • Yuh-Lih Chang 
  • Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Department of Pharmacy / Division Chief
  • Shao-Chin Chiang
  • Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Department of Pharmacy / Deputy Director


第1周:WEEK 1 - Part I:Introduction of Taiwan NHI ; Part II:Interduction of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Courses

第2周:Week 2 - Good Pharmacy Practice Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) in hospital setting

第3周:Week 3 - Evolution of GPP in hospital settings in Taiwan

第4周:Week 4 - Sterile practice preparation

第5周:Week 5 - Hazardous drug handling I

第6周:Week 6 - Hazardous drug handling II


Basic Good Pharmacy Practice belongs to Moocs courses and filled with practicability. Meanwhile, the series of this course will be presented in English. Both domestic learners and the learners of South Asia can study on the Internet. In the future, we will promote moderate and advanced courses. All of courses are lectured by the pharmacists and the professors of Taipei Medical University. Hope that all learners would enjoy in it.  


All courses are taught in English


  • This part passing score is 60 (full score: 100).
  • *Quiz: 50% 
    *Midterm: 25%
    *Final: 25%




Prerequisite subjects and abilities:

The background of pharmaceutical services. 


(1) GPP guidelines, FIP publication.

(2) Developing Pharmacy Practice, FIP publication.

(3) Guidelines for dispensing of medicines, Pharmacy Board of Australia.

(4) Good Dispensary Practice, Taiwan Food and Drug Administration.